Brand new walking trail developed close to the Quality Hotel in Youghal.

Knockadoon cliff walk

Marked walking trail at Knockadoon

If you enjoy a good walking trail, a brand new route has been recently developed at Knockadoon, close by the Quality Hotel in Youghal If you are familiar with Youghal Bay, you will know that there is an Island off the westerly tip of the bay. The island is called Capel Island. Knockadoon is at the end of the road on this peninsula, and this is where the walking trail starts.

Knockadoon cliff walk

The trail is marked with walking signposts, so you should not get lost! It’s  looped walk and should being you back to where you parked your car – or from where you biked to from the hotel. To get there from the hotel, follow the red arrows. Walking trail at Knockadoon   Another option is a walk along Ring Beach (marked in yellow) – right to to Spur to where the River Dissour enters to sea (across from Pilmore).  There is an amazing amount of wildlife in this area and loads of oyster shells on the beach. It’s a beautifully peaceful place.

Ring Beach in East Cork
Ring Beach – across from Redbarn and Pilmore

Something different to do on your holiday at the Quality Hotel in Youghal!

Check the Knockadoon Facebook page and this Facebook post to see more

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