A perfect woodland walk

Glenbower Woods in theAutumn

Glenbower Woods – an ideal place to spend quality family time

The Old Thatch, Killeagh“Are we there yet?” is a familiar phrase for all parents the world over. If you are travelling to Youghal from the direction of Cork City, the beautifully thatched pub in Killeagh is a sure sign that, yes, you are nearly there now!

This landmark, less than 8 minutes drive from Redbarn’s Blue Flag Beach, is also a gateway to Glenbower Woods. Pass behind the pub and you will see signposts for this magnificent woodland. You can enjoy a peaceful woodland walk as well as a bracing beach side jog – just a few kilometres apart!

Glenbower Woods is an ancient native Irish woodland with additional specimen trees, such as a Giant Redwood (native to California). It gets it’s name “gleann-bodhar” or “Deafening Glen” from the noise the River Dissour makes when rushing through the valley after a storm. The woodland was in the ownership of the DeCapell family for 750 years – after whom Capel Island, viewed across Youghal Bay, is also named. At one time there was a lake here which powered the corn mill in Killeagh. However, the dam was breached in 1989 and the lake drained.

It’s one of the best ways to have a great family day out in the fresh air  –  a fun packed walk in the woods!

The river winds its way up the valley with walking trails on either side. Bridges span the water and there are also picnic areas. Plans to develop a family friendly bicycle track are currently underway.

The other thing is  –  you never know what you might spot in Glenbower Woods!

Altogether a great place to visit on you break away to Youghal and the Quality Hotel.

Glenbower Woods in theAutumn

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