Excellent Water quality at Redbarn Beach!

REdbarn Beach

Summer Time bliss on the beach
REdbarn Beach

The Cork County Council Life Guard team are now on site to keep up the high standards at Redbarn for the 2016 summer season

It’s  here at last, perfect beach days, no storms – and long may it last!

Cork County Council confirmed to the hotel last week that the water quality and sampling tests recently reviewed in Redbarn yielded excellent results and that “the latest results indicate that the bathing water at Redbarn is deemed excellent  based on sampling that occurred Monday 23rd May.” (Water Quality Laboratory, Cork County Council)

We were disappointed with the news that Redbarn did not retain its Blue Flag for the 2016 season.  We did have a lot of storms last summer and something as simple as too much seaweed on the shore can effect water quality

We do hope that the excellent results will continue, and we will get the support from Cork County Council to maintain this level, and also maintain the appearance & hygiene levels of one of the finest beaches on our coastline.

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Previously, a hotel and self-catering resort located on Redbarn's Blue Flag beach in County Cork, the property is now a Care Centre comprising of 3-bedroom homes and 2- bedroom apartments.

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