End of Summer Sale @Club Vitae

Club Vitae at the Quality Hotel Youghal is offering great membership deals in an end of summer Sale

The Importance of Learning to Swim

Group and individual swimming lessons are available year-round at Club Vitae. It’s never too late to learn this life-saving skill, whatever your age. Children especially love being in a pool and having fun. But it is more than that, swimming also provides many health benefits that will keep you healthy. It keeps your heart rate up, but without impact stress, it builds muscle strength and endurance and maintains healthy lungs. Additionally, swimming helps you develop the deep stabilizing muscles in your core

Children who can swim are able to take up other water-based activities, such as surfing or canoeing and it also builds their self-confidence.

Regular swimmers are biologically years younger than their passports and swimming gives you a great workout – if you know how! Once learnt it is never forgotten. The swimming teachers at Quality Hotel Youghal’s Club ViItae are the most highly trained team in East Cork, so why not book your lesson today and call on 024 93050.


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Previously, a hotel and self-catering resort located on Redbarn's Blue Flag beach in County Cork, the property is now a Care Centre comprising of 3-bedroom homes and 2- bedroom apartments.

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