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Your Good Health is Our Priority this Easter

The Health and Safety of both our guests and our staff are our Number One priority at Quality Hotel, Youghal. Here is what we are doing to ensure you have a great visit to Redbarn – your home away from Home.  Easter deals are still available and details can be found here

Swimming Pool – We maintain a chlorination level in our pool that is above the level recommended by the HSE. The HSE has confirmed that at this level the pool cannot be a source for the transmission of the Covid19 virus. Also, our system is fully automated to ensure that our chlorination level continually operate at this safe level. In addition, our staff manually monitor the chlorination level throughout the day. So, you should have absolutely no concerns about enjoying our pool.

Gym – The Gym receives a deep clean at the beginning and end of the day. In addition, our staff will be sterilizing all equipment throughout the day on an ongoing basis. We have also tripled the number of sanitizing units and paper points.

Children’s Play Areas – The children’s playground and play areas will be deep cleaned and sanitized at the beginning and end of each day. The Bouncy Castles will not be in service until it is safe to do so.  Our indoor Kids Camp Activities and Cinema Club is being postponed until safe to resume. We will be compiling a program of outdoor Children’s activities shortly.

Hotel – We have instituted a two-phase cleaning process, using the high quality Glana product, Zuko Sanitizer. The first is to removed debris from all tables in the bar and dining room as well as dressers and other surfaces in the bedrooms and bathrooms. This is followed by a deep clean sanitizing of all surfaces, paying particular attention to highchairs. There are now bottles of disinfectant and blue towel rolls throughout the public areas. These will be used to wipe down door handles, counters and tables on a regular basis. Our menus are only used once, then binned. We also have instigated a table spacing procedure for social distancing both in the bar and the restaurant.  Additional hand sanitizers and disposable gloves are available for both staff and guests.

Our Food – Executive Chef, Kieran O’Shaughnessy is totally committed to serving only the freshest foods to our guests. Everything is prepared in-house and nothing in bought in pre-cooked. Kieran has lost 7 stone since last February, so he knows a lot about healthy eating!  He serves many foods that will help boost the immune system, such as turmeric, red peppers, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, oily fish, blueberries, Kiwis, garlic, almonds and much more besides.

So, you can be assured that your visit to Quality Hotel Youghal will be in the safest possible environment. We look forward to welcoming you and doing everything that we can to ensure you have a great, great holiday. See you soon!

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Previously, a hotel and self-catering resort located on Redbarn's Blue Flag beach in County Cork, the property is now a Care Centre comprising of 3-bedroom homes and 2- bedroom apartments.

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