An incredible boost for tourism at the seaside destination of Youghal!

Youghal Boardwalk

Progress is well underway on the extension to the 400-metre boardwalk from Youghal to Claycastle, it is going to extend by 1.5 km – all the way to Redbarn Beach!

With COVID-19 restrictions earlier in the year, commencement of work on this Cork County Council project was somewhat delayed, but great progress is being made now and it is exciting to see the development snaking its way out to Redbarn.

Once completed, the route will form part of the National Coastal Walking Route, providing a formal pedestrian walkway from Redbarn Beach to Youghal Town Centre. The route stretches along Claycastle Beach to Redbarn Beach, parallel to the reed beds of Ballyvergan Marsh. Ballyvergan Marsh is the largest freshwater coastal marsh in County Cork and accommodates several plant and bird species, it is zoned as a special amenity and is also an important breeding site for migratory birds.

Completion of the route will improve access to Ballyvergan Marsh, enhancing the natural heritage experience of walkers – locals and visitors alike. It will raise awareness to the ecological significance of the area’s unique marsh and coastal zone. Additionally, with the development of the upcoming Midleton to Youghal Greenway (which also passes through Ballyvergan), the Youghal area is going to become even more attractive as a ‘must visit’ destination.

(Development pics courtesy of John Hennessy)

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Previously, a hotel and self-catering resort located on Redbarn's Blue Flag beach in County Cork, the property is now a Care Centre comprising of 3-bedroom homes and 2- bedroom apartments.

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